Smart Technology

Published June 1, 2013 by TaraRaine

I’ve had my Apple iPad for about 7 months now and I love it! Its the 3rd/4th generation I think? The one right before the iPad Mini was released. Not only do I love it but my son loves it too! So now I’m on a mission to find him an affordable tablet. However, I’m being extremely picky for several reasons. My mom has an Samsung Galaxy tablet. My son hates playing with it! He will on it for a few minutes then ask for “Apple iPad”. No joke! Lol. For only being 22 months he’s extremely smart. He knows how to use all this smart technology better than me.

Anyways, my other reason is because he mainly watches videos on YouTube. Just shows that are on regular television like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and The Wiggles. He has a few apps that he plays with like the Disney interactive apps, but he’s more or less in love with YouTube. I’ve heard about all of these kid friendly tablets that aren’t much money, but I’m not sure if they have web access.

I was debating on going with the Kindle Fire, because its family friendly but its also Google App Store. Which means all the apps I’ve previously purchased on the iPad don’t transfer over. However, things like Netflix and Hulu are free so he can watch his show on these apps because I already pay for the service.

My last decision is to try the iPad Mini. I can purchase it threw our mobile provider and see how he takes to it. Its a little smaller and they make kid proof cases now. I’ve seen some pretty nice Otterbox iPad Mini cases that are cute! I’m torn inside. He’s only 2 for crying out loud! However he’s learned so much by using these products. He can count to 10 and sing his abc’s a lot better because he’s actively working on applications that allow him to do so. This has made preparing him for preschool and kindergarten easy and fun!